Ellen Rocamora is an esteemed producer, boasting eight Emmy Awards and three Webby Wins under her belt. 

Her acclaimed body of work includes producing over 3,000 episodes of television, more than 800 segments on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and 100+ hours of primetime content. 

In addition to award-winning daytime talk, her portfolio also includes popular productions like, Ellen’s Game of GamesFamily Game Fight with Kristen Bell and Dax ShepardEllen’s Greatest Night of Giveaways, and The Oscars

Ellen has seamlessly integrated multi-million dollar brand partnerships, which demonstrates her capacity to blend creative content with brand deliverables and talking points. In addition to working with external partners, she has led internal teams, hiring and leading top-tier producers. During her time on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, she headed the Human-Interest Department, and the team consistently outpaced morning show competitors, booking trending and headline-making stories first. 

Storytelling is a passion of hers and Ellen has an ability to identify and amplify stories that resonate deeply with audiences, often creating viral and meaningful moments that are touching, surprising, and transformative.  Her diverse portfolio encompasses a broad range of work, from topical and news-making, to light comedic moments, to inspiring human-interest stories, featuring teachers, authors, musicians, celebrities, athletes, world leaders, and influencers.

In the digital space, she has produced over 100 episodes of original scripted and unscripted series, garnering over a billion views across platforms, with series such as: Momsplaining with Kristen Bell (250 million), She’s Brielle-iant (58 million), and The Build Up (23 million views).